Vol 4, No 2 (2016)

Cover Page
Taking plants to space. This issue features several papers describing preparations and calibrations necessary for developing plant spaceflight payloads, and images from this theme are included in the cover collage. Top left: Fitzgerald (p 8), the optimization of Light rail system using far-red LEDs to impose dormancy on Arabidopsis seeds to aid in their transport to the ISS, along with a scanning electron micrograph of a dormant Arabidopsis seed. Top right: Vandenbrink (p 38), an image of terrestrially-grown Arabidopsis seedlings in an EMCS cassette overlaid with an image of seedlings grown in the EMCS hardware on the ISS. Bottom right: LeFrois (p 28), three different genotypes of Arabidopsis slated for an upcoming flight experiment overlaid with the graphical representations of DNA methylation levels in a gene of interest. Middle left: Hutchinson (p 20), a stack of 60 mm nutrient agar Petri plates that have been densely plated with Arabidopsis seeds for use in the BRIC spaceflight hardware, along with a plate showing germinated Arabidopsis seeds after growing four days in the dark.

ISSN: 2332-7774