Vol 5, No 2 (2017)

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Title Page PG. I -- PDF
General Information PG. II -- PDF
Editorial Board PG. III -- PDF
Instructions to Authors and Journal Policies PG. IV-IX -- PDF
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Research Articles

Analysis of Vibratory Data Collected by the Space Acceleration Measurement System (SAMS) on Blue Origin, June 19, 2016 PG. 2-10 -- PDF
Kevin McPherson, Eric Kelly, Jennifer Keller, Ajeeth Ibrahim, Erika Wagner, Kenneth Hrovat
Einstein-Elevator: A New Facility for Research from µg to 5 g PG. 11-27 -- PDF
Christoph Lotz, Tobias Froböse, Alexander Wanner, Ludger Overmeyer, Wolfgang Ertmer
MMaJIC, an Experimental Chamber for Investigating Soldering and Brazing in Microgravity PG. 28-34 -- PDF
Shannen Daly, Micah Hardyman, James Ragan, Joseph Toombs, Tracie Prater, Richard Grugel
Damping of Thermocapillary Destabilization of a Liquid Film in Zero Gravity Through the Use of an Isothermal Porous Substrate PG. 35-42 -- PDF
Aneet Dharmavaram Narendranath
Electrophysiological Recordings on a Sounding Rocket: Report of a First Attempt using Xenopus laevis Oocytes PG. 43-56 -- PDF
Simon L. Wuest, Tobias Pluss, Christoph Hardegger, Mario Felder, Aaron Kunz, Benno Fleischli, Carlos Komotar, Lukas Rüdlinger, Andreas Albisser, Thomas Gisler, Daniela A. Frauchiger, Marcel Egli
A Sensitive Period for the Development of Motor Function in Rats: A Microgravity Study PG. 57-79 -- PDF
Shannon M. Harding, Neeraj J. Singh, Kerry D. Walton
Hemodynamic and Neuroendocrinological Responses to Artificial Gravity PG. 80-88 -- PDF
Stefan Schneider, Vanja Sebastian Zander, Tobias Vogt, Vera Abelin, Heiko K Struder, Ameri Jacubowski, Heather Carnahan, Petra Wollseiffen
Detection of Microorganisms Onboard the International Space Station Using an Electronic Nose PG. 89-111 -- PDF
Ulrich Reidt, Andreas Halwig, Gehar Muller, Lutz Plobner, Veronika Lugmayr, Sergey Kharin, Yuri Smirnov, Natalia Novikova, Joachim Lenic, Viktor Fetter, Thomas Hummel
Index of Authors PG. 112 -- PDF

ISSN: 2332-7774