Journal History

Editorial Board for Gravitational and Space Research, 2017 Editor in Chief: Jamie Foster, Ph.D. University of Florida E-Mail: Expertise: Plant molecular genetics, gene expression, plant space biology Copy Editor: Janet V. Powers NASA Research & Education Support Services E-Mail: Expertise: Gravitation & space biology, informatics Copy Editor: Karen Goodman Oakman Aerospace, Inc E-Mail: Expertise: Project management and system development Publishing Editor: Timothy J. Mulkey, Ph.D. Indiana State University E-Mail: Expertise: Plant growth, development, hormones, calcium Associate Editors: R. Michael Banish, Ph.D. University of Alabama – Huntsville E-Mail: Expertise: Chemical and materials engineering Ted A. Bateman, Ph.D. University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill E-Mail: Expertise: Radiation and bone loss Elison B. Blancaflor, Ph.D. The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation E-Mail: Expertise: Cellular & molecular mechanisms; cytoskeleton; ion signaling Zhengdong Cheng, Ph.D. Texas A&M University E-Mail: Expertise: Colloids; anisotropic particles, photonic crystals, solar energy harvesting, liquid crystals, nano-composites Luis Angel Cubano, Ph.D. Uni. Central del Caribe E-Mail: Expertise: Cell biology, cytoskeleton, gene expression Emily M. Holton, Ph.D. Life Sciences - NASA Ames Research Center E-Mail: Expertise: Hindlimb unloading, calcium/bone metabolism John Z. Kiss, Ph.D. University of Mississippi E-Mail: Expertise: Plant gravitational biology, tropisms, growth and development Dennis F Kucik, M.D., Ph.D. University of Alabama at Birmingham E-Mail: Expertise: Cell adhesion and integrins, atherosclerosis & immunology William J. Landis, Ph.D. The University of Akron E-Mail: Expertise: Bone structure & biochemistry, cartilage & tendon biology Robert C. Morrow, Ph.D.. Orbital Technologies Corp. E-Mail: Expertise: Space flight hardware; environmental control systems; environment plant growth; plant disorders Gloria K. Muday, Ph.D. Wake Forest Univ E-Mail: Expertise: Auxin transport, leptin signaling, hormone physiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology Danny Riley, Ph.D. Medical College of Wisconsin E-Mail: Expertise: Neuromuscular structure & function; spaceflight; vibration injury of tissue April E. Ronca, Ph.D. Wake Forest University School of Medicine E-Mail: Expertise: Reproduction, development, micro- & hyper-gravity Michael Roberts, Ph.D. Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) E-Mail: Expertise: Reproduction, development, micro- & hyper-gravity Paul W. Todd, Ph.D. Techshot, Inc. E-Mail: Expertise: Low-gravity physics, flight hardware, biotechnology, cell biology, osteogenesis and microbiology. Sarah Wyatt, Ph.D. Ohio University E-Mail: Expertise: Plant responses to gravity, genomics/gene expression and proteomics

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